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Adorned in Grace Tacoma is located on 31st and South Union it is a nonprofit ministry that raises awareness, prevention and restoration for survivors of exploitation. AIGT links arms with the community and churches to bring the love of Christ.

Solutions Dental Tacoma, WA - Community Service


The mission of Adorned in Grace Tacoma is to bring awareness and prevention of the problem of exploitation in the Puget Sound Area, and restoration to its victims. Adorned in Grace Tacoma operates under Compassion Connect, a 501c3 organization that brings together churches to do transformative work that each could not do alone.


The problem is the exploitation of young girls through sex trafficking has thrived as a hidden crime for far too long in our community. Typically, a vulnerable teenager is approached by someone who flatters her and makes false promises. Once isolated in an unfamiliar environment with all communications severed, she is lied to and cruelly forced to work in conditions which she cannot leave. Fortunately, individuals and organizations at all levels of our society are awakening to the existence of this crime and rallying to shine the light on it and combat it.

Solutions Dental Tacoma, WA - Community Service

A WARENESS includes educating the public to the reality of Human Trafficking and equipping them with tools to become advocates. We offer workshops and retreats to any group or organization that are interested in becoming involved.

PREVENTION and RESTORATION includes providing a safe place for girls and survivors to have an opportunity to heal from the past and learn to grow in their mind, body and soul as they experience and learn about the love of Christ through Christian volunteers. We offer life skill training, tutoring, mentoring, Bible Studies, and Mending the Soul classes. Through relationship with Solutions Dental we also provide scholarships for dental assisting program.

SOLUTIONS DENTAL has donated the facility and the ministry workers are volunteers. Proceeds from online donations for bridal & special occasion dresses fund the outreach and life skills classes held at the facility. We accept new and gently used bridal gowns, special occasion dresses and accessories at the site.

3104 South Union Ave.
Tacoma, Washington 98409
(360) 888-4921

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Gowns and other items may be donated any time the store is open.

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